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Archive for January, 2011

Scanogram Project: The Flowering Tree

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Mike Wsol: Part of Something More?

Michael Wsol’s exhibit, “Part of a Bigger Picture,” is not what I usually see when I walk by the Dupont Gallery. I always see variations on the theme of  modern art, be it sculpture, painting, or some type of digital art. At one point, I remember being completely awed by a complex series of miniature […]

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Elements of Design: In Four Parts

Contrast Balance Repetition Emphasis

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Jon Gitelson: Both Comedian and Artist

John Gitelson’s artwork is much more about making the viewer think than being visually appealing. Much of his work has a wry sort of humor; his aesthetic itself seems at its core very simplistic. In some ways Gitelson’s work  (particularly the “Car Project” and the “Hidden Clothes” series) feels like a personal joke inflated to […]

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Digital Art

Digital Art is an complex art form to define, because it is something that is constantly changing and expanding. Digital media encompasses a broad range of art mediums, from film and photography to digital paintings and sketches. Technically, digital art takes the concepts present in traditional art and applies them in digital forms – art […]

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